“The sales process from initial contact up to completion was very smooth thanks to the very professional team
of people at SevenCapital.They clearly understand each customer’s individual issues and preferences and are
able to provide choices to make the customer happy and meet his/her needs. Many thanks to all the people at
SevenCapital – Philippa, Helen, Charlotte, Elaine, Ruth, Caroline and handover team.”
Shahabaldin Meshki

“I was generally looking at investment opportunities in Liverpool when I came across the development.
It has generally been a good and smooth process and I would recommend SevenCapital to other potential purchasers.”
James Lo

“Very good experience. I have the impression of a very professionally run
organisation with motivated people involved at all stages.”
Keir Ashton

“I would definitely recommend SevenCapital! I have had a great experience.
SevenCapital is a highly professional team and very helpful.”
Irina Cherepanova

“Was recommended by a friend, lots of paperwork but easily sorted out,
good communication between each stage until completion. Would recommend to anybody.”
Andrea Rosalind Gerstein

“There has been good communication from the team at SevenCapital from
all aspects of the process from the initial enquiry through to the completion and handover of the keys.
John Faulkner

“The company has a good location for apartments and use good quality building materials.”
Nabeel Ghareeb

“Charlotte was very helpful and informative . All information was clear and concise.”
Shaun Rai